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  C:\Users\Lynda\Desktop\Imaging\cd\animals\dogs1\dogcl1h.gif The Fawn (Isabella) & Tan Dachshund C:\Users\Lynda\Desktop\Imaging\cd\animals\dogs1\dogcl1h.gif

Isabella and Tan Dachshunds are often described as Fawn colored with tan markings are another form of dilute color. Isabella and Tan is a dilution of Chocolate and Tan. The main body is a silvery fawn (greyhound) colored and the markings are a muted tan. The eyes are usually a light grayish green and the nose pad and nail colors are pale liver colored. Both parents must carry the dilute gene in order to produce Isabella & Tan puppies.

                                                                    "Stowe's Cause For Applause" and "Stowe's Hi Ho Silver"
                                                      Smooth Isabella & Tan Dachshunds. Photo Courtesy Of: Texas Tail Wagger's


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