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  C:\Users\Lynda\Desktop\Imaging\cd\animals\dogs1\dogcl1h.gif The Brindle Dachshund C:\Users\Lynda\Desktop\Imaging\cd\animals\dogs1\dogcl1h.gif

Brindle (ebr) is a distinct tiger stripe pattern over the base coat color. It can appear over any color. It is dominant which means one of the parents must show the pattern for it to appear and it can appear with the piebald pattern. Sometimes a puppy from a brindled parent can appear solid colored, when in fact there is brindle present that goes unnoticed. This is known as a "hidden" brindle. For example: I have a solid chocolate male who on several occasions produced brindle pups from different females. I remembering scratching my head the first time, wondering how did that happen? I finally came to the conclusion he was a "hidden brindle". Also, by researching his pedigree, his dam was also black brindle. A "hidden brindle" can still produce brindled offspring. A black & tan dog will show bridling only in the tan points.

                                                        "Segar"                                                                       "Tigger"
                                            Cream Brindle Longhair                                                  Red Brindle Smooth hair
                              Photo Curtosey Of: Carol's Weenie Babies                         Photo Curtosey Of: Texas Tail Wagger's

Shaded Red Brindle Longhair
Photo Curtosey Of: Texas Tail Wagger's