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  C:\Users\Lynda\Desktop\Imaging\cd\animals\dogs1\dogcl1h.gif The Black & Tan Dapple Dachshund C:\Users\Lynda\Desktop\Imaging\cd\animals\dogs1\dogcl1h.gif

In the black & tan  dapple dachshund also referred incorrectly as a black and silver dapple dachshund, patches of lighter color are intermingled with patches of the self color, sometimes with a patch of white hair on the chests.  For instance, they have patches of silvery colored hair mixed in with areas of black hair, giving the dog an overall mottled appearance.  If the dapple pattern should occur across the face, one or both eyes may have blue speckles or may be entirely blue. One parent must have the dapple pattern in order to produce a dapple puppy.  Two solid, self-colored dogs cannot produce a dapple.  A dachshund is considered to be a dapple if it has even one tiny dappled patch on it.  Sometimes this dappled patch is only noticeable when it is a puppy, usually on the ears or belly, and often fades away with age.  Commonly known as a "hidden" dapple. This dog should still be registered as a dapple, because it will produce some dapple puppies when bred to a dog with no pattern present and you do not want to risk breeding two dapples together.

        Smooth Black & Tan Dapple mother and daughter belonging to Lynda Stowe @ Texas Tail Wagger's.

Longhair black and tan dapple
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