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  C:\Users\Lynda\Desktop\Imaging\cd\animals\dogs1\dogcl1h.gif The Black & Tan Dachshund C:\Users\Lynda\Desktop\Imaging\cd\animals\dogs1\dogcl1h.gif

This is one of the most recognized colors in the Dachshund and can appear in all coats. They are black in color with tan points. The tan points are usually two spots above the eyes, around the muzzle area, on the chin, on the chest and on the lower legs and around the base of the tail. Eyes, nose and nails are black.

Black & tan (atat BB , atat Bb) is dominant to every other tan-pointed color except recessive red.

Left Picture: "Molly" Previous Smooth hair Pup From Texas Tail Wagger's
Middle Picture: "Bentley" Black & Tan Wire hair Courtesy Of Grand River Dachshunds
Right Picture: Black & Tan Long hair Courtesy Of Carol's Weenie Babies

This adorable black and tan smooth puppy belongs to Brenda and her name is "Bailey".